Sailing trips, in complete harmony with nature Unique experiences and a good environmental balance are not mutually exclusive. For more than 40 years SEA CLOUD CRUISES has followed the concept of sustainable tourism. The sea, the wind and endless space Always outside and close to the elements: Life on the SEA CLOUD ships is mostly outdoors. Small ships, big opportunities Off the beaten tourist track: meet other cultures with great respect, appreciate and create regional value. Setting sails by hand Sailing passion by tradition: on board the SEA CLOUD ships the sails are set by hand, nothing happens at the push of a button. The flair of a private yacht Like being onboard with good friends: Enjoy the personal service and the stylish casual lifestyle on board. Culinary experiences Creative and at the highest level: the chefs on the SEA CLOUD ships always use fresh, regional products for their sophisticated menus. Cabins with highest comfort Elegant and spacious: all cabins on the SEA CLOUD ships offer a view of the sea, on the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT guests can enjoy views from balcony cabins.

Captivating Windjammer

Majestic tall ships have shaped an entire era of shipping – reliable and always in harmony with nature. During a time when many are reflecting on what really counts in life, the true value of windjammers is once again revealed. SEA CLOUD CRUISES has always preserved and shaped this thought...

Less is more. The rhythm of wind and waves determines the rhythm and direction of life on board. Under arched sails, the values of classic seamanship are in the foreground and guests can experience this thrill. In the familiar atmosphere of a private yacht, friendships develop and grow, that is traveling in the original sense. On every cruise with the SEA CLOUD, the SEA CLOUD II, and in the future with the new SEA CLOUD SPIRIT, the voyage is the main goal and time is a secondary consideration.

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The SEA CLOUD ships are at home in the world’s best sailing areas: from spring to autumn they set course for Northern and Southern Europe, then sail with the trade winds to Central America, the Lesser Antilles and Cuba. There they spend the winter in pleasant temperatures.

Atlantic Coast

Northern Europe



Morocco, Canaries & Cape Verde

Caribbean – Lesser Antilles & Grenadines

Caribbean – Jamaica & Cuba

Central America – Panama & Costa Rica

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Join us on a unique journey into the heart of the SEA CLOUD ships. On our journey you will experience how nature shows us the way. How time slows down – and passengers become travellers.

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